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Become a vendor at Colorado's finest juried craft show.

Mollie McGee's craft markets regularly attract 5,000 shoppers per show!  To make the cut, your products must be unique, high-quality, and handmade by you.

How to Become a Vendor

All of our vendors are hand-selected through a careful jury/review process. In order to be selected as a vendor, your products must be handmade by you and be considered among the best in its category by our jury committee. Everyone must submit an application to be considered, even if you've been a vendor in previous years. Jury sessions begin in March and continue as long as we have openings.

Spaces at our craft markets range from $200-$360 (click here to review options). There is no fee to apply. If you are accepted we will email you a contract and payment terms, as well as more information about the market and setting up.


Before Starting Your Application...


Gather digital photos of your products (3-6), of your display (if available), and of you hand-making your products.


Prepare a list of your products, their prices, along with a brief description of how you create them.


Decide on which show(s) you'd like to apply for and your choice of space(s). Click here to review vendor pricing.

Ready to get started?

If you have any questions about becoming a Mollie McGee's vendor, please feel free to email us at

Note: If you're unable to complete our online application, you can also click here to print and mail our paper application.


Upcoming Events

  • What makes Mollie McGee's craft markets unique?
    Mollie McGee’s is a high-quality market that has existed for over 40 years. All of our shows are top-quality, well-organized and well-attended. Every year we look for ways provide better service and to make our shows more successful for both our vendors and shoppers. We are now in our 40th successful year and we have a very loyal following.
  • How many people attend Mollie McGee's shows?
    Mollie McGee’s hosts over 150 high-quality artisans each show, and between 4,000 and 5,000 shoppers per show is usual. Note that government regulations may cause occupancy limits, and Mollie McGee's will adhere to all state and county regulations.
  • Is there a fee to apply?
    No, there is no fee to apply to Mollie McGee’s. If you are accepted as a vendor you will be invoiced for payment based on assigned booth size and electrical needs.
  • How much do spaces cost?
    Click here to view booth size and cost details.
  • What is your jury process for vendor applicants?
    Our jury committee evaluates each applicant for products that are unique, high-quality and handmade by you. Products/crafts that are considered among the best in its category by the jury committee are accepted. We value our loyal repeat exhibitors AND we are committed to offering shoppers new products. Acceptance one year does not guarantee acceptance the new year. Approximately 25-30% of the spaces are reserved for new exhibitors.
  • How do I improve my chances for being accepted?
    Crafts are limited by category—we are looking for a wide variety of crafts with not too many in each category. We don’t book on a first-come-first-served basis. We book by category & quality. Here are some additional tips to help your chances: Fill out your application completely. Include high-quality, clear photos including at least one of you in your workshop making your items. If you grant permission, we may even use your photos on our website, Instagram or Facebook.
  • Does Mollie McGee's provide tables or equipment?
    No. Mollies does not provide tables, chairs, backdrops, dollies, or anything necessary to run your booth. Please bring all needed items with you.
  • Are vendors required to collect tax?
    Yes! A Colorado tax license is required and vendors should collect & submit their own tax. No city tax. See or call 303-238-7378 for more information. You will need a Special Events License: Tax charts are available at the show.
  • Do you advertise your shows?
    Yes! Every year we provide extensive advertising (newspapers, online, craft show publications and email marketing). We will also provide flyers with your contract that can be reproduced & handed out at other shows you participate in. Mollie McGee's is committed to always hosting a successful show for our vendors.
  • How do I increase my chances of being invited back?
    Be friendly, fair and exercise good business practices in dealing with shoppers. Follow set-up rules we send prior to shows —Including parking and courtesy to fellow crafters. Willingly comply with instructions & requests from Mollie McGee's staff during the show. Keep your products handmade, up-to-date and add new items from time to time. Keep your display booth attractive and eye-catching. Drapes must be fire-retardant and floor length to hide boxes/inventory from view. Food Products: If accepted for the food category, you will receive specific instructions & Boulder County Health Dept link. Please follow these instructions.
  • I have another question. Can I contact you?
    If you have additional questions, please contact us at We typically respond within 1-2 business days.
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